"We're in onLine Business to Promote your Business onLine

"We're in onLine Business to Promote your Business onLine

"We're in onLine Business to Promote your Business onLine

About LogIT Project Engineering

project Management

It is important for us to set clear objectives for your project and communicate with your project team members. So for each project we follow some simple but important rules and we hope that our recipe will satisfy all yours requirements. To define these rules we took into account that technology comes in different forms and we must include mobile devices or telephones as well as hardware, software and networking capabilities. Also, the performance and the quality are associated with the improvement of products, services or processes. In other words, if the project requires some process or service needs to be improved here is where project managers set our objectives:

  • Use and install new technology
  • Analysis and planning
  • Compliant with requirements
  • Compliance with financial objectives
  • Make Quality Products

Our Services

Expert Coder

Will have to make sure the prototype looks finished by codding, editing and inserting text, photos, logo and any type of file that you want.

Creative Designer

We create unique designs for each project that we have on our desktable. Talking with our customers is one of our secret to accomplish all the requirements.

Wordpress Developer

If you really want a Wordpress template we can help you decide on which can better fit to your desire. Also we can offer support to implement it to your server.

Social Marketer

Improve your webpage visits could be encreased by using social media platforms. We have experts on social media tools manipulation.

Seo Expert

We include as default all tools of SEO into your webpage, to be displayed on the very first top ten pages by all the known browsers.

24/7 Support

We offer you 24/7 support for all our products. Any problem that could appear we are prepared to solve it in the shortest time.

Faq Question

Yes, absolutely! Will discuss every detail before starting doing the website. We need some images and content. Depending on the website type the content for your website could be text, PDFs, videos, login, database, etc. We can do all of these.

No. We are selective and we are not that type of company which works with everyone just for money. We only work with honest business owners who we can truly help. Also, he must provide that is one of the best on his field to be confident.

We can built embedded systems to perform a specialised operation, continually reacts to changes in the system’s environment, etc. ES has typically 3 components: Software which is for flexibility, Hardware which is for performance and security and Real-Time Operating System (RTOS) which supervises the application software.

No. Every client is different and has different vision of a project. We listen to the client's requirements every time, for each project. Only if is one of our customers and he want a specific design for a new project, we will try to make him happy. If he is happy, we are happy!


When we take a new project, firstly we discuss with our client about their requirements, then we will present our idea, and a scheme of the project. We add just the content which we decided together and only after this we built the application and the UI.

Even we finalize the project there are a few more steps to check and optimize the functionality of the application and to make changes if necessary.


We discuss everything is necessary with our cusmoters before and during the project, so that the application comes out as well as possible. Identifying, prioritizing and assigning the tasks and resources necessary to create the project structure depends on good planning.

Planning everything in the smallest details it ensure us the success and recognition we have in the field.


For the websites we build, we use SEO which helps to rank higher on the search engine and bring you more visitors and customers. We offer all our attention to each project that we have.

Fulfilling tasks and meeting deadlines are our metas to become the best. Also making well design and codding, ensures the good functionality of the applications, the satisfaction of our customers.

Welcome To Our Business

If you are not one of our customers and are interested to hear from us ...

Our working area

Web Design

We have the abilities and resources to create beautiful engaging HTML content using animation and interactive elements to bring your creative vision to life.

SEO Optimization

We offer "Search Engine Optimization" services to growing the quality and quantity of website traffic in order to bring your webpage on top 10 browser's search list.

Medical Applications

We collaborate with physicians teams in order to develop software products for medical purposes, including home medical monitoring system, medical databases for healthcare professionals and friendly UI

Embedded Systems

If you have a business and want to automate some processes we are the solution. We can built embedded systems with input/output peripheral devices and user interface whose dedicated functions are fulfill your required propose.

Our Portfolio

Webpage options:


  1. Online system
  2. Free domain
  3. Documentation
  4. Multiple slider
  5. Database
  6. Support unlimited
  7. Responsive
  8. Login users
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  1. Online system
  2. Free domain
  3. Documentation
  4. Multiple slider
  5. Database
  6. Support unlimited
  7. Responsive
  8. Login users


  1. Online system
  2. Free domain
  3. Documentation
  4. Multiple slider
  5. Database
  6. Support unlimited
  7. Responsive
  8. Login users

Latest Projects

"Negru-Voda" Monastry

With this project, we want to promote the antiquity and culture of our civilization and help a small community of monks continue their religious activity for keep burning the flame of faith from millenniums.

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TOUCH PI device 2020-11-03

Interactive Advertising Device

We build this product in collaboration with a manufacturer partner ussing premium materials. The device could be used by any company or institution for interative advertising to promote products or services.

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DAVCOR construction company

This is where the activity of a local construction company is promoted online. I am involved in the online promotion of local Romanian companies to help the development of the economic community.

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